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Arkashastra cuDROPS Liquid Curcumin Drops is a 100% Water Soluble Turmeric Extract containing all 3 Curcuminoids which have been scientifically proven to enhance its absorption into the human body and provide improved results. With proprietary technology, our new product Arkashastra cuDROPS Liquid Curcumin, is designed to make all 3 Curcuminoids water soluble hence making them highly bioavailable for your body. Truely providing your body with the Elixirs of Ayurveda.

CUDROPS Curcumin Drops 30ML

SKU: 100
    • 100% Vegetarian, Organic, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Water Soluble, Highly Bioavailable Curcumin.
    • Supports joint health, reduces inflammation, powerful antioxidant with anti-ageing benefits.
    • Made by using high curcumin content Pratibha Turmeric rhizomes. 
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