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All of our ingredients are sourced from the best organic farms in the country. Our farmers follow organic and sustainable farming practices. Our Jaggery is free from pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. ArkaShastra Spiced Jaggery Kolhapuri is a perfect balance of nutrition, taste and flavor.

Spiced Jaggery 950 Grams

SKU: 0004
    • Spiced Kolhapuri Jaggery is chemical free and enriched with A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Idukki Green Cardamom & Wayanad Dry Ginger.
    • A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee boosts immunity, maintain good joint & bone health, digestion and insomnia.
    • Iduki Green Cardamom unleashes a superior flavorful profile to the Jaggery and also fights common bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities.
    • Wayanad Dry Ginger has strong anti inflammatory properties and helps in relieving stomach pain and cramps.
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